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The Inter-class Investment Competition was organized by the BAF Society in the 1st Term for Form 3 – 6 students. The results are as follows: For Inter-class competition, Senior Form S3 Champion  S4E2 3L 1st Runner-up S6E2 3J For individual award, Senior Form F3 Champion 4J (13) Josiah Lam 3L (23) Ian To 1st Runner-up […]



The Career & Life-Planning Committee arranged a visit to Hong Kong University for all S.5 students in March to allow them the opportunity to explore the different programmes offered by the institute. It was also a chance to see and use some of the facilities there; and to help with their future goal setting. The

Learning Beyond the Classroom 3J Milly The Mock Trial Team is always on the lookout for new ways to learn and a friendly match with Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School on February 29 was just what offered that opportunity. The match not only left a strong impression but also provided an excellent learning opportunity for

部份中樂團成員早前參加了由《新聲音樂協會》主辦之《中樂團週年音樂會》,表現良好,現獲協會頒贈證書表揚,獲證書同學如下: 1. 1J Annabeth Lai 2. Yaty Cheng 3. 2J YoYo Leung 4. 2J Ivan Lui 5. 2L Asli Li 6. 3L Wing Li 7. 3L Muse Poon 8. 4L Richard Gu 9. Nichole Chan 恭喜以上同學!

由中史學會舉辦的電影欣賞暨問答比賽已於一月初順利舉行,1J Chloe Wong 獲傑出表現獎。 恭喜得獎同學!

Senior Singing Contest was organized by the Music Club on 15th December, 2023 for Senior Form students. 3M Suyi Wong and 6J Bosco Tsang were awarded the Most Popular Award. Congratulations!

Morning Prayer Challenge (January) was organized by the RE Committee in January for all students. The results are as follows: Winners 1L & 1P 1st Runner-up 3J 2nd Runner-up 5M Outstanding Participation Achievement 1J, 2J, 2P, 5L & 5P Congratulations to the winning classes!

Bring Your Own Eating Utensils Inter-class Promotional Video Competition was organized by the STEM, E&HE and Tuck-shop Committees on 20th December, 2023 for the whole school. The Champion is 3J, the 1st Runner-up is 2J and the 2nd Runner-up is 1P. Congratulations to the winning classes!

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