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Work of the STC Careers Team

2.1 Our Members

Career Team Members

Ms. SM WongConvener + Organization of Life-Planning Programmes, JUPAS, non-JUPAS degree programmes, further studies in Mainland & Taiwan, individual career counseling, S5 career classes
Ms. KY ChanOrganization of S3 Career Sessions, internships, summer job experience program from HKACMGM
Ms. W.P. LamCareer programmes for junior form, running life-planning activities
Mr. S.B. LauApplied Learning Application, Statistical analysis on Multiple Pathways, individual career counseling, Guidance for students on degree programmes
Ms. WS ChongGuidance for students on sub-degree programmes, Applied Learning Application, Career programmes for senior form
Ms. Isabel WongIndividual/ small cluster career counseling for less capable students, running life-planning activities
Ms. HY WuIELTS test, overseas studies, S6 students self-accounts, Proof-reading of circulars, minutes, recommendation letters, …
Mr. LH WongData Handling, Guidance for students on degree programs, running life-planning activities, S5 career classes
Mr. KW Leerunning life-planning activities, individual career counseling, Career programmes for junior form, Applied Learning, S5 career classes
Ms. YC LamProof-reading of recommendation letters in Chinese, Career Quiz Competition, running life-planning activities, S5 career classes

2.2 Work Plan & Schedule of Activities

Major activities in the academic year 2022-23 (tentative)

Date / MonthMajor ActivityTarget studentsTeacher(s)-in-charge
23 Sept, 21 Oct, 9 DecCareer Sessions (Lifeline, My Abilities,
Holland Code Introduction)
S3Ms. KY Chan, S3 class teachers and other career teachers
7 OctOLE: Briefing on JUPAS application proceduresS6Ms. SM Wong, Ms. MT Tam,
Mr. SB Lau
S6 Parents Evening: Multiple Pathways I & JUPASS6Ms. SM Wong, Mr. HS Man
14 OctWorkshop on Writing Self-AccountsS5Ms. HY Wu, Ms. SM Wong
11 NovInterview WorkshopS6Ms. SM Wong, Ms KM Wong
S1 OLE Session IS1Ms. WP Lam, Mr. KW Lee
18 NovRoad to University IS5Mr. SB Lau, Ms. SM Wong Ms. SY Wong, Mr. HS Man
S2 OLE Session IS2Ms. WP Lam, Mr. KW Lee
S3 Briefing Session on NAS curriculum & elective subjects (for students & parents)S3Ms. SM Wong, Mr. SB Lau
Sept – DecHelping S6 students to prepare self-accounts for JUPAS OEAS6Ms. HY Wu, Ms. SM Wong (+S6 English teachers)

Oct – Dec
Processing JUPAS applications Recommending students to universities for interviews / ActivitiesS6Ms. SM Wong, Ms. MT Tam
Dec (??) Reading PeriodCareer quiz competitionS5, S6Ms. KM Wong
10 Feb 2023Talk on Applied LearningS4Mr. SB Lau, Mr. HS Man, Mr. KW Lee
11 FebJoint School Career Sharing Session (Rotary Club)S5Ms. SM Wong, Mr. SB Lau
14 FebBriefing: FSTE programmes & final reminders before study leaveS6Ms. SM Wong, Mr. HS Man
24 Feb, 24 Mar, 5 MayCareer Sessions (Career Paths related to Holland Codes, Introduction to NAS elective subjects, Goal Setting)S3Ms. KY Chan, S3 class teachers and other career teachers
25 FebParents Day: Multiple Pathways IIS6Ms. SM Wong Mr. HS Man

Processing applications for HKACMGM internship programmeS6Ms. KY Chan
Feb – AprApplied Learning: taster program & application processingS4Mr. SB Lau, Mr. HS Man, Mr. KW Lee
Feb – MayPrincipal’s nominations for JUPAS, Taiwan & Mainland U,
VTC, HSU,…etc
S6Ms. SM Wong, Ms. MT Tam, Mr. HS Man
Date / MonthMajor ActivityTarget studentsTeacher(s)-in-charge
3 MarS1 OLE Session IIS1Ms. WP Lam, Mr. KW Lee
10 MarS2 OLE Session IIS2Ms. WP Lam, Mr. KW Lee
Mar – AprVisit to Vocational Institute (with less capable students)S3, S4Ms. SY Wong
19 AprVisit to HKUS5Mr. SB Lau
26 AprVisit to Civil Aviation DepartmentS4Ms. SM Wong

28 Apr, 5 May
Career Sessions Finwise ActivityGoal Setting for Final Exam w.r.t. Tertiary ProgramsS4Mr. HS Man, Ms. SY Wong, Ms. SM Wong, Mr. SB Lau
12 MayRoad to University II (Sharing with Alumni)S5Mr. HS Man, Ms. SY Wong, Ms. SM Wong, Mr. SB Lau

14 July
Briefing on DSE exam result releaseS6Ms. SM Wong, Mr SB Lau, Mr. HS Man
19 JulyThe release of DSE results + Reprioritization of Program ChoicesS6All committee members
term 1individual consultation sessions for S6 students on Tertiary Education ChoicesS6Ms. SM Wong, Mr. HS Man
whole yearS5 career class (extra lessons)S5Mr. HS Man, Ms. SM Wong, Ms. KM Wong
whole yearIndividual / small cluster career counseling (referral from guidance committee)All formMs. SM Wong Ms. SY Wong
whole yearproof-reading circulars, minutes, recommendation letters and preparing documents for overseas universities applicationAll studentsMs. HY Wu
whole yearApplied Learning: regular meeting with students to monitor the process + Application procedure on SAMSS5, S6Mr. SB Lau, Mr. HS Man, Mr. KW Lee
whole yeardata handling, gather updated career information for career board, website & career roomAll studentsMs. SM Wong, Mr. LH Wong
whole yearGiving students advice on further studies and choice of subject streamsAll studentsAll committee members

2.3 Our Services

The Career Room is located on the fifth floor (next to the lift lobby). Students may have individual consultation or small cluster group discussion with career teachers in it. Materials such as books, university prospectus, different career tools … etc. , are placed there for students to use.

Individual consultations are available for students when making choices on further studies or setting career goals. S6 students can sign up on the “Career Consultation Booking Form”, which is placed on the bookshelf out of the staff room, and book timeslots for consultation from career teachers.

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