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S4 Curriculum

Subject Combinations

Citizenship & Social Development (CS) 
Math (Compulsory) 
Math (Modules)M1M2
Elective1Geog / Econ / Phys / Chem / E&RS
Elective2Bio / Phys / Hist / BAFS / CLit
Elective3Chem / Econ / CHist / ICT / VA 
Ethics & Religious Education (ERE) 
Physical Education (PE)

*Mathematics Module 1 (Calculus & Statistics) and Module 2 (Algebra & Calculus) are NOT compulsory and are offered after-school. This means that students have the option to extend their Mathematics knowledge if they have a strong foundation and are strong in Math (Compulsory).


ApL courses are elective Category B subjects within the senior secondary curriculum. Courses offered place equal emphasis on practice and theory linked to broad professional and vocational fields. They aim to enable students to understand fundamental theories and concepts while developing their beginners’ skill set, career-related competencies and generic skills. The courses also help students explore their career aspirations and facilitate a desire for lifelong learning.

STC conducts ApL under Mode 1, which means that courses take place mainly at venues of the course providers on Saturdays. 

Every year, the Career and Life Planning Committee arranges a briefing session for all S4 students after their Interim Examinations and those who are interested may apply to take these courses in S5 and S6. The fees will be fully subsidised by the EDB and as such, students would not need to pay any course fees.


The Other Languages, which are referred to by the HKEAA as the ‘Category C’ subjects, include the following languages: French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish. 

STC will join the Tuen Mun Joint School Programme, which provides the other language courses of Japanese and Korean. They also offer the electives of PE and Music. S3 students, when deciding of their electives for S4 can choose to apply for these courses offered under the Tuen Mun Joint School Programme. Course would be run on a School Campus in Tuen Mun. In applying for these courses, special attention would be paid to academic performance in S3 particularly in the core subjects; and behavioural performance in looking at conduct grade and attendance records (number of absences and late-comings). 

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