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The psychological welfare of our students is a top priority at Shung Tak, and it is addressed through the efforts of the Student Guidance Working Group and Guide Light, which consists of students, social workers, educational psychologists, and guidance teachers. The aim of these initiatives is to provide students with opportunities to develop their character and effectively navigate both school and everyday life.

The Guidance Team focuses on several key objectives, which include:

  • enhancing students’ self-awareness and providing assertiveness training to protect against negative peer influences and societal impacts;
  • assisting students in adjusting to school life, coping with academic demands;
  • providing guidance, support, and intervention to help students address their problems;
  • creating a caring and fulfilling environment for learning;
  • foster in students a positive attitude towards life; and
  • strengthening the school’s ethos and a sense of belonging among students.

To achieve these objectives, the Guidance Team works towards creating a harmonious school environment and promoting positive values and lifestyles among students. Academic Enhancement Classes are organized to encourage self-learning skills, while Other Learning Experiences (OLE) activities focus on inclusivity, mental health, and physical well-being.

At the beginning of each school year, approximately 30 students are recruited as members of Guide Light. These students work alongside teachers to organise activities specifically designed for junior form students. Orientation programmes and quiz competitions are held to help new S1 students adapt to secondary school life.

Through these various initiatives and programs, Shung Tak aims to provide comprehensive support and guidance to its students, promoting their holistic development and ensuring their well-being in both academic and personal aspects.

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