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STC’s Background


School’s Background & Patron Saints

Ss. Peter and Paul

School Background

Shung Tak Catholic English College was founded by Reverend Father John B. Wong King-in, a devout Diocesan priest, and former parish priest of Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Yuen Long. Upon its inception in 1958, the college occupied the lower floors of the Ss. Peter and Paul Church to provide quality Catholic and English education for the community of Yuen Long.

School Motto

Ora et Labora.

School Vision

We hope all our graduates, in addition to achieving value-added academic performance, will develop a well-balanced character and value systems compatible with Catholicism.

School Mission

We follow our school motto ‘Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)’: to empower our students to do their best in academic pursuits and glorify the Creator with their work. We provide quality education to prepare students to become bilingual, independent thinking and socially aware citizens who play a positive role in the ever-changing, culturally diverse and challenging world.

Naming the Patron Saints

The Golden Anniversary of the School marked the year of the naming of Ss. Peter and Paul as the Official Patron Saints of Shung Tak. The school was founded in Ss. Peter and Paul Church of Yuen Long so it was only natural to declare these two great Apostles as our Patron Saints. So it came to be in the year 2008, that the two great Apostles, Ss. Peter and Paul, were declared as Patron Saints of the School to not only remind us of our roots but also to be professed as our special intercessors or protectors in the heavenly communion of saints.

The Mosaics of Ss. Peter and Paul

In the summer of 2020, Reverend Baudry Gervais Emmanuel Paul J., the parish priest of Ss. Peter and Paul Church and our school supervisor, was the bearer of good news that the Parish Council of the Church would like to donate the mosaics of Ss. Peter and Paul from the Parish to Shung Tak as a mark of our affiliation and communion with the Parish. The two mosaics of Ss. Peter and Paul which donned the walls of the old Shung Tak were transported to our School in the new academic year of 2020-2021. The creator, Mr. Francisco Borboa, was contacted with the help of the Hong Kong Diocesan Liturgy Commission to provide light on the background of the two mosaics. Mr. Borboa’s interview with us on the inspiration for the artwork will form part of the History of Shung Tak on our School’s website.

The Installation of the Mosaics at Shung Tak

The two mosaics needed a special home at Shung Tak. Since we had already created two huge banner pictures of the mosaics back in 2008 and hung them in the Hall, we decided to replace those with the authentic mosaics. To ensure that we can recall the whole journey of the two saints, we reflected that since Ss. Peter and Paul went to different places to preach the good news of heaven, it was fitting to create a background of the sea and a boat for the two apostles. With that in mind, the school designed that background to set the two mosaics to highlight St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s bravery and determination to cross the seas to serve God. It also reminds us to persevere when we meet challenges as the Bible teaches us,

“You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit which will come on you, and then you will be my witnesses not only in Jerusalem but throughout Judaea and Samaria, and indeed to earth’s remotest end.” (Acts of Apostles 1:8)

STC’s Background

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