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Visual Arts Achievements

Name of CompetitionAwardName of Award Winner
China and Hong Kong-Virtual Ambassador Design Competition 認識中國與香港發展活動計劃虛擬大使設計比賽Merit5L Abbie Mak  
“COVID-Bye Bye” Mask Design Competition 「笑住戴 · COVID bye bye」口罩設計比賽Champion5L Abbie Mak  
Crime Prevention Colouring Competition which?Merit1P Chloe Ko  
EDB Poetry Remake CompetitionOutstanding Award4J Sophia Leung6L Rainbow So 
MM7 – MEME Design Competition (無毒MM7 – MEME創作比賽)1st Runner-up5L Abbie Mak  
MY STAGE – Inter-School Fashion Design CompetitionMerit6M Jack Lau  
QESOSAPS 60th Anniversary Logo Design CompetitionMerit1M Celia Chan  
“Return to Nature ~ Pass on our Love to Future Generations” Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School Students Poster Design CompetitionMerit6J Sophia Kwok6L Rainbow So 
‘Ready Go’ – Inter School Painting Competition 2023Merit1M Bernice Yeung1M Celia Chan 
The Hong Kong Secondary School Flower Drawing CompetitionOutstanding Award1P Chloe Ko  
Merit3J Cliff Cheung  
We Learn. We Draw Drawing CompetitionMerit6J Sophia Kwok6P Alice Chan 
「愛語‧家家樂」手機通訊軟件貼圖(Sticker)設計比賽Champion5L Abbie Mak  
2nd Runner-up5M Samson Chan  
Name of CompetitionAwardName of award winner
Black and White Painting CompetitionSilver Award2L Andy Huang  
Brilliant Christmas Photography ContestSilver Award2L Andy Huang  
“Care for the Created World” Visual Art Painting CompetitionChampion5J Sophia Kwok  
Colourful Christmas Colouring CompetitionSilver Award2L Andy Huang  
Data is the New Art Form Art Competition 2022Merit Award4L Abbie Mak  
Design Competition of Shopping Bags for Fire Safety PromotionsChampion5J Sophia Kwok  
1st Runner-up5J Fiona Hui  
Hong Kong Art Exhibition of Secondary StudentSilver Award3L Sophia Leung  
Hong Kong Junior Architecture and Painting CompetitionMerit Award1J Chantel Ou-Yang  
Let it Beat Painting CompetitionMerit Award3L Angela Xie  
Metropolitan International Youth Arts Festival 2021 Hong Kong Painting ContestBronze Award2L Andy Huang  
The 7th Secondary School Distinguished Artwork ExhibitionDistinguished Artwork Award5L Rainbow So  
The Wharf HK Secondary School Art CompetitionMerit Award5J Sophia Kwok  
Name of CompetitionAwardName of award winner
My Stage – Inter School Fashion Design Competition 2019Merit Award3L Sophia Kwok3P Kawaii Chan 
Let in Beat’ – Inter School Painting Competition 2021Outstanding Award4J Sophia Kwok  
香港心臟基金會繪畫比賽  Outstanding Award4J Sophia Kwok  
EDB Poetry Remake CompetitionOutstanding Award2L Sophia Leung2L Giann Leung 
EDB Poetry Remake CompetitionCommendable Overall Performance4J Fiona Hui4J Sophia Kwok5J Yobie Ku
5M Alice Kwok5M Harold Leung 
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