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Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s) School Support

2022-23學年 學校支援摘要(Download)
2022-23 School Support Summary (Download)

Studying in a local school provides a platform for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students to learn to communicate with others using Chinese, ultimately helping them to immerse into the community and opening more doors of opportunities in the future in Hong Kong.

Our School will support NCS students to integrate into life here at STC and to Hong Kong by helping them gain a mastery of the Chinese Language.

With inclusive education in mind, our school shall deploy resources to help the NCS students enhance the effectiveness of learning of Chinese for both studying the subject of Chinese Language and to help them cope with subjects taught in the Chinese medium.


1. Enhancing the Chinese Language skills of NCS students
We hire tutors to provide additional support to NCS students outside the regular Chinese Language classroom to help them further strengthen their foundation in the Chinese Language. This can empower them with the necessary skills to study the subject of Chinese Language in the classroom, and to use the language for learning of other subjects taught in the medium of Chinese.

2. Facilitating better integration into everyday school life
Our NCS students are to receive education together with our local students in the same classroom. This allows both parties to have more communication and exchange in their everyday life, building up the confidence of the NCS students, particularly in using Chinese as the language of communication.

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