Joining any one of the student clubs at Shung Tak opens many doors. Through participating in a club, we build new friendships; enhance our academic life like in the English Society; and we can even explore career opportunities. As an active member of any one of the clubs and societies at STC, you will learn important leadership and management skills as you participate in a variety of activities.

Clubs gives us opportunities to plan campus-wide activities that can be in the areas of academics, culture, arts, and religion; or simply be social in nature. The tasks are many and can include student publications, competing in athletic or debate competitions, and organizing community service projects which is in line with our school’s Catholic value of service.

Whether you are looking to find your respective niche in school dynamics, STC’s clubs do offer each student a chance to share a common desire, ability, and/or personality.

There are no extraordinary physical and mental requirements to join a club. Come and explore the many clubs of STC and feel the openness, which will allow you a greater opportunity to create a tight knit community within the club you choose.

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