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Moral and Civic Education

Our school places significant emphasis on the development of morality. We provide students with training to become responsible citizens who can exercise their rights and fulfill their duties, with the goal of nurturing servant leaders. To achieve this, we organise activities that cultivate students’ love, care, compassion, and respect for others. Additionally, we aim to establish a strong foundation for students, ensuring their understanding of citizens’ rights and obligations, the dynamics between individuals and groups, and the fundamental principles of democracy, respect, and the rule of law.

The Service Learning and Moral & Civic Education Committee is dedicated to clarifying the distinction between service learning, moral education, and civic education, while promoting different values in a systematic manner. The Committee organises Other Learning Experience (OLE) talks, social services, and a wide range of activities for students.

OLE talks for junior forms primarily focus on moral education and social responsibilities. These talks cover topics such as animal rights, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, children affected by war, and more. Through firsthand information shared during these talks, students can be inspired and gain a deeper understanding of social issues. They can also realise that these issues are not confined to books or newspapers but affect people in their immediate surroundings.

In senior forms, the focus shifts to civic education. Students are provided with various opportunities, such as participating in Mock Trials, law-related programs, Top Ten News Elections, and more. These initiatives encourage students to engage actively in society. Additionally, students are required to volunteer on a flag-selling day each year. By doing so, we aim to instill a sense of both rights and obligations, fostering responsible citizenship.

The Committee also aims to translate students’ awareness into action. To accomplish this, we establish multiple groups such as a social service team (Permeance), a school club (Social Service Society), and uniform groups (St. John Cadet and Scouts & Venture). Through a variety of activities, students can enhance their understanding of the community while also spreading the spirit of Christ from the school to the wider society.

In conclusion, students participate in diverse activities to comprehend the challenges faced by disadvantaged groups, both locally and globally. Armed with a better understanding of different circumstances and societal needs, we firmly believe that our students have developed increased awareness and a genuine desire to serve others.

Our Work

The committee aims to:

  1. provide essential learning experiences and services that consolidate students’ generic skills and enable them to become reflective learners;
  2. foster the development of Christian values and attitudes among students;
  3. offer learner-focused opportunities for students to develop and reflect upon their values and attitudes, including national identity, a positive spirit, perseverance, respect for others, commitment to society and nation, solicitude, and integrity;
  4. cultivate a favorable environment and create opportunities for students to serve both the school and the community;
  5. enable students to develop an understanding of local social conditions, the rights and duties of citizens, the functioning of the government, and communication between the government and the people;
  6. encourage students to be aware of and understand important issues concerning Hong Kong, China, and the world; and
  7. remind students of their responsibility as citizens and develop National Education programs that:
    i. help students recognise their national identity
    ii. cultivate students’ sense of belonging to the country.
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