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At Shung Tak, we are proud of our talented student-athletes and their remarkable achievements in various sports. In addition, therefore, to the PE lessons that is built into the learning and teaching curriculum, we offer Shungtakians to go further in the arena of sports through a variety of school sport teams.

These sport teams do not just provide additional opportunities for physical exercise, keeping students physically fit and healthy but they are also important for the holistic development of students as by participating in these teams, Shungtakians learn to work together as a team, develop leadership skills, and cultivate a sense of community and school spirit which is an essential life skill. As students work towards a common goal, they learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and support one another. These skills are applicable not only on the playing field but also in other areas of their lives such as group projects in school or teamwork in their future careers.

Participating in these school teams also promotes discipline as they must learn to manage their time effectively to balance academics and athletics, develop strong time-management skills, prioritize tasks, and maintain focus. Such habits are also essential in life.

In addition to these benefits, Shung Tak’s sports teams contribute to the sense of community and school spirit as they become more invested in our school and feel a sense of pride and belonging.

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