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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of Shung Tak Catholic English College. This is where you can share in the colourful lives and happenings of our Shungtakians in and around, and out and about our quiet corner of Hung Shui Kiu.

English Excellence. STC is a school where English is the medium of instruction and where English is our foundation. Students are guided and encouraged to make the best use of their English learning opportunities. “English-for-All Days” on Mondays provide ample opportunities for students to practise English with both their peers and their teachers. Competitions in drama, writing, speech, and debating are some of the many platforms we have for students to develop their proficiency, competence, and confidence in the English language. Their stellar results in the HKDSE are testimony to their effort and determination.

Values Education. Being the second pillar in STC, values education is inculcated in students both inside and outside the classroom. The five Catholic core values, namely, truth, love, justice, life, and family, alongside the ten core values, and national security education advocated by the EDB, are the fundamentals of character formation of our students. From values to virtues and from virtues to character formation, Shungtakians are developed into persons who are respectful, responsible, loving, and caring.

Colours of School Life. At STC, Shungtakians enjoy a full range of extra-curricular activities and life-wide learning opportunities – experiential learning programmes, leadership training programmes, uniform groups, etc. Students enjoy their time at STC as they acquire the skills necessary for work and life.

“Hard work without prayer is fruitless; prayer without hard work is aimless”. Guided by the school motto, “Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work), Shungtakians lead a prayerful life and demonstrate diligence in their studies. With the support of teachers, parents, alumni, and the local community, we are committed to providing quality education for all Shungtakians.

You will learn about the colours of Shungtakians’ lives as you navigate the school website. Please take a moment to have a look around.

May God continue to guide us and bless us as we journey through the 65th anniversary of the school and beyond.

Dr Cecilia Tang


Founders’ Day cum
65th School Anniversary
Kick-off Ceremony

28th November 2023

“Sixty-five years of passing on the spirit,
We Shungtakians
keep breaking our limits.”

We are gathered together here this morning with immense pride and gratitude to celebrate Founders Day and the kick-off ceremony of Shung Tak’s 65th Anniversary.

First, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the founders of our school. Their vision, devotion, and commitment to education have laid a solid foundation for Shung Tak. Our history, our accomplishments, over the last 65 years is proof of this. Thank you to these visionary heroes who had the foresight to establish a school which is guided by the school motto, “Ora et Labora” , – Pray and Work, which has become a beacon of knowledge, growth, and character development.

To our esteemed predecessors, let us extend our heartfelt appreciation. Their hard work and perseverance have nurtured generations of Shungtakians, forming them into the individuals they are today. Their insightful leadership and dedication to providing quality education have paved the way for the countless achievements of Shungtakians and inspired generations of students. 

I would be remiss if I did not express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated teachers. Your passion, expertise, and tireless efforts have played a pivotal role in forming the values and characters, shaping the lives and futures of Shungtakians. With your support and mentorship, Shungtakians have been able to unlock their full potential and scale new heights of academic and personal excellence. I thank you for your untiring contributions to Catholic education.

To our alumni, your continuous support to your alma mater has been remarkable.  Through your contributions and mentorship, you have enriched and redefined the experiences of current Shungtakians and helped build the future of the school.  Your generosity in providing scholarships, resources and opportunities has empowered different individuals to pursue their dreams and reach their potential. We are forever grateful for your dedication to your alma mater. And please continue to support your alma mater in whatever ways you can – big or small.

To the parents, thank you for placing your trust in us and entrusting your children to our care. Your continuous involvement in our educational journey, from the early years to this momentous occasion, has been a driving force behind our achievements. Your sacrifices, encouragement, trust and love have served as a constant source of motivation.

Last but certainly not least, I want to acknowledge our incredible Shungtakians.  Each one of you brings a unique set of talents, aspirations and dreams to this vibrant school community.  Your collective achievements, both academic and in various learning activities, are a testament to your dedication, diligence, and the nurturing environment provided by STC.

On behalf of all students, I also extend our sincere gratitude for the presence of our school managers, principals and honourable guests.  Our dear school managers, your commitment, and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Shung Tak into a school providing all-round education for students. We also extend our deepest appreciation to all the principals and guests here today for gracing us with your presence. Your support and encouragement are crucial to us, and we are honored to have you here as we begin on this significant milestone in our school’s history.

As we embark on this celebratory journey, let us remember the core values and principles upon which our school was founded. Let us commit ourselves to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence, fostering an inclusive environment, and empowering each and every student to realize their potential to the fullest.

Thank you once again to our founders, predecessors, school managers, teachers, alumni, parents, and fellow Shungtakians for your invaluable involvement in forming the extraordinary school we call home, our family.

Happy Founders’ Day and let the 65th Anniversary celebrations begin!

Happy Birthday to Shung Tak.

Dr Cecilia Tang


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