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1. Inclusive Education

The objective is to foster understanding, acceptance, and equal participation among students of all abilities and backgrounds. This is achieved through experiential learning and recreational activities that embrace individual differences and break down social barriers.

2. SEN Programmes

Special attention is given to students with special educational needs to create an optimal learning environment. A variety of activities and support services are provided to facilitate their learning, promote their independence, and equip them with skills necessary for their integration into the community.

3. Mental Health & Life Education

The focus is on enhancing students’ self-image, developing life skills, and promoting psychosocial well-being. Key areas include helping students discover personal values, fostering self-understanding and acceptance, managing emotions and stress, and teaching interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

4. Sex Education

The aim is to provide students with knowledge about sex and relationships, enabling them to understand their own gender roles, responsibilities, and future development. This education prepares students for interpersonal relationships and acquaintanceships with friends and romantic partners.

5. S.1 Adjustment Programme

Designed to support new students in their transition to secondary school, this programme includes engaging activities organised by senior students and members of the Student Guidance Working Group, Guide Light. The goal is to help newcomers adapt to the school environment and feel welcomed.

6. Parents Education

This initiative seeks to enhance parents’ understanding of their adolescent children’s psychosocial development. It equips parents with appropriate skills to support their children’s transition into adulthood effectively.

7. Development Programme

The focus is on fostering students’ self-esteem, persistence, and self-discipline. The programme encourages students to recognise their own strengths and motivates them to achieve their goals in various areas. Training, tutoring services, volunteering opportunities, experiential learning, and recreational activities are offered.

8. Class Teachers’ Thematic Sharing

The Guidance Team plans and prepares a wide range of topics for Class Teachers’ Thematic Sharing based on students’ needs. These sharing sessions create a positive learning environment and help establish strong teacher-student relationships.

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