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The Marian Shrine: Honouring Our Lady of Graces


The Marian Shrine, honouring Our Lady of Graces, was made possible with the generosity of devoted alumni.

The Shrine was built in 2004 by a very loyal Catholic, and a very close friend of Ss Peter and Paul Church and STCEC, Mr. Lam Sai Wah; sponsored by Mr. Leung Chiu Lam Paul, a graduate of 1978, a former school manager, barrister and a very loyal member of the Legion of Mary. The Shrine, located initially at the eastern side of the basketball court, was blessed by Father Brennan, and located at the eastern side of the basketball court. 

In 2018, the Marian Shrine was relocated to the main gate of the school campus as a symbol of Mother Mary opening her arms to welcome our students, Our Lady’s children, back to school, a place of witnessing the presence of God. This project was made possible with the kind sponsorship of alumni Mr. Derrick Tai Chi Wah (1973), Dr. John Li Po Shan (1974), Mr. Simon  Leung Kwok Yuen (1977), Mr. Paul Leung Chiu Lam (1978) and Ms. Olga Ho Kwai Foon  (1983). It was blessed by Father Gervais on 21st December 2018.   


The Marian Shrine of Shung Tak dedicated to Our Lady of Grace, is a sacred place that holds a special significance in our Catholic faith. It is a place of spiritual renewal and devotion, where students and teachers can seek the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It is a place to deepen our faith and to pray for graces.

We believe that, under the protection of Our Lady of Grace, it encourages students to develop a deep reverence for Mary and her role in the Church.  Through prayer, reflection, and participation in the sacraments, students are encouraged to deepen their connection to Mary;  and to live their lives in accordance with five Catholic values, namely Truth, Love, Justice, Life and Family.

As we stand here,
Let us be reminded of our Blessed Virgin Mary
And express a heart of gratitude
for all the graces she has bestowed on us at Shung Tak.

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