Thank you for your interest in our school.

Shung Tak Catholic English College is a Catholic secondary school situated in the town of Yuen Long.

Our school’s motto is ‘Ora et Labora‘ or ‘Pray and Work‘, the St Benedictine principle which we adhere to as we all work together to help each child achieve value-added academic performance, a well-balanced character, and a value system compatible with Catholicism.

As a Catholic school, we offer programmes of education and formation for students who are able to live within the religious, academic, behavioural, and attitudinal requirements of the school. By entrusting the school with the education of your child, we trust that parents/guardians have the same values and beliefs as our school and demonstrate a genuine desire for their children to be a student of Shung Tak.

Applications are now open for discretionary places in Secondary One.

Applicants looking to join our school in S2 to S5 classes, please contact our General Office for further information.

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