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The Library

General Information 

The Shung Tak School Library, also known as the Hilda Kwan Library, is dedicated to the Principal of the School from 1962-1970. It is located on the 3rd floor of the School’s Main Building. 

What’s in the Library 

The Library offers an extensive array of books that underpin learning and academic success. Students can access books on varied topics, including fiction, non-fiction, and reference materials, thereby fostering a passion for reading and cultivating vital literacy proficiencies. 

In addition to offering a wide range of books, the Library itself serves as a hub for research and independent study. With its serene, distraction-minimized atmosphere, the Library provides a uniquely conducive environment for students to concentrate on their work. 

What’s Online

The Library provides access to not only physical materials but also to online databases including e-books, thereby affording students an even greater wealth of resources with which to enrich their learning experiences. The online repository boasts over 2,000 Chinese e-books and approximately 11,000 English e-books, making it an exceedingly convenient avenue for students to satisfy their intellectual curiosity at any time, from virtually anywhere. 

And lots more to offer 

The Library hosts various educational programmes and events throughout the year, including ‘Author Talks’, ‘Book Fair’s, ‘Book Crossing’, and ‘Creative Competitions’ for World Book Day. By offering these events, the Library provides students with opportunities to explore new literary works and gain insights into diverse perspectives, ideas, and cultures. It also promotes a culture of reading among students, encouraging them to share their love of books with others through interactions with fellow readers. 

The Library also showcases new books through their ‘Book Recommendations’, and in the ‘Thematic Exhibits’, all with the main aim of inspiring students. It routinely evaluates its collection and collaborates with school management and subject departments to ensure the provision of a range of resources. 

To further enrich students’ reading experiences, the Library collaborates with various academic departments to develop ‘Thematic Reading Lists’ encompassing topics such as current events, technology, geography, and culture. These lists aim to broaden students’ reading horizons and deepen their understanding of the world around them. Outstanding reflections submitted by students would be showcased on its board and webpage —- sharing the joy of reading and fostering a sense of community within the school. 

The Hilda Kwan Library continues to work on facilitating student participation and learning outside of the classroom as it continues its commitment to fostering lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity among Shungtakians. 

Visit the Hilda Kwan Library on the 3rd Floor of the Main Building or get access to the wide resources available online on the following links:

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