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Integrated Education

Whole School Approach to Integrated Education

Policies, Resources, and Measures Adopted in Implementing the Whole School Approach to Integrated Education:


Our school is committed to creating an inclusive culture through the Whole School Approach to support students with Special Education Needs (SEN).  Resources are deployed to provide appropriate and diversified support to these students so as to enhance their learning and make them enjoy their school life.  We treasure home-school cooperation by establishing regular communication channels to facilitate parents’ participation in the formulation of support strategies for students with SEN.


To facilitate our school’s support to students with SEN and academic low achievers (ALAs), the following additional resources are provided by the Education Bureau (EDB): 

  1. Learning Support Grant 
  2. Life-wide Learning Grant, etc.

Support measures and allocation of resources

Students with SEN and ALAs are provided with the following support measures: 

  1. A Student Support Team (SST) is formed.  The team members include the Principal, Vice-Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance & SEN Team Coordinators, Discipline Team Coordinator, Educational Psychologist, Social Workers, SENCO, and SEN Assistant. SST is working closely with other departments at school such as the Academic Committee and the Career & Life Planning Committee. 
  2. Special Examination Arrangements are provided to students with SEN. 
  3. With regard to the quality and quantity of homework, accommodation is provided to students with SEN and ALAs, depending on the students’ abilities and needs, with reference to EDB circulars.
  4. School-based speech therapy service is arranged to offer individual or group training sessions to students with speech and language impairment throughout the year. 
  5. A wide range of programmes focusing on mental health, sex education, life education, and inclusive education as well as S1 adjustment are organised for all students. 
  6. Different talks and workshops are organised for parents to equip them with better understanding of students who need special attention and render them support in alignment with the school measures. 
  7. Teachers join different programmes conducted by the EDB & other non-governmental organisations every year to get the most updated information regarding the support given to students with SEN. Teachers also adopt different teaching strategies to cater for the special needs of different students.
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