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Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

As a component of the NSS Curriculum, OLE accounts for 10% to 15% of the overall learning time. It complements the core subjects and elective subjects in cultivating students’ positive values and attitudes for facilitating their whole-person development. The following are the aims and expected outcomes. 

  • To widen students’ horizons, and to develop their life-long interests;
  • To nurture positive values and attitudes; 
  • To provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum with essential learning experiences in order to nurture the five essential Chinese virtues, ‘Ethics, Intellect, Physical Development, Social Skills and Aesthetics;  and 
  • To facilitate students’ all-round development as life-long learners with a focus on sustainable capacities, the expected outcomes include:
    • becoming active, informed and responsible citizens;
    • developing respect for plural values and interests in the arts;
    • adopting a healthy lifestyle; and
    • enhancing career aspirations and positive work ethics.

The opportunities to participate in OLE activities include the aspects of Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development.

Student Learning Profile (SLP)

The SLP is a summary presentation of what a student participates in and achieves, in terms of his/her whole-person development during the senior secondary years.  It aims to demonstrate and recognize the whole-person development of the student. It also facilitates his/her reflection on his/her on-going experiences and set goals.  

The profile gives information on the competencies and specialties. The SLP includes:

  • Student’s personal information
  • Academic Achievements in the senior secondary years
  • OLE Record
  • Awards and Major Achievements issued by the School
  • Performance/Awards and Key Participation Outside School
  • Student’s Self-reflection
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