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Scouts and Venture

Joining the Scouts provides an opportunity to learn responsibility, acquire practical skills applicable to daily life, and develop leadership abilities through engaging activities.

The aims of the Scouts & Venture are as follows:

  1. Training in planning and organisation: The Scouts & Venture offer opportunities for members to participate in exciting and adventurous activities, allowing them to develop skills in planning and organising.
  2. Encouraging self-motivation and responsibility: Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles, fostering a sense of self-motivation and responsibility. Additionally, through their involvement in various team roles, they learn the importance of effective cooperation.
  3. Cultivating an interest in serving others: The Scouts & Venture aim to instill a sense of compassion and service towards others, particularly the elderly and children. Members are encouraged to engage in volunteering and participate in different service-oriented activities.

By joining the Scouts & Venture, individuals can acquire valuable life skills, develop their character, and contribute positively to society through their involvement in community service.

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