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Time to Talk 2024

A total of 10 teams joined the Time to Talk competition held in April and May. There were two rounds: Round 1, which took place within our school, and Round 2, which was the public round. All entries were very good and selecting winners was difficult. All students who submitted entries will receive a certificate.

Round 1

First Place4J Yody Chan, Nina Kwan, Harvey Wong and 4L Jonathon Au
Second Place2J Yoyo Leung and 2L Cheryl Lam
Third Place3P Ella Wong and Yannis Lau
Merit Awards1J Vanessa Cheng, Hemans Cheng, Joyce Cheung, and Cerise Lo, and 2J Eileen Hew, Jeanie Lee, and Serena Shi
Certificate of Participation1M Mini Hon, Tracy Chan, Angel Chan, Jasneet Kaur 3M Kalie Xie 3P Toby Tang 4M Yoshi Law 5J Vanessa Chan and Wing Chu 5L Candy Fan, Haley Kwok, Iris Lee and Erica Ng 5M Marcus

Among all entries, two teams were selected to advance to Round 2 and compete against 12 other teams from other schools across Hong Kong in a live performance of their speeches. After the fierce competition, we are happy to announce that one of our representing teams preformed exceptionally and was the First Runner-up. The are again 4J Yody Chan, Nina Kwan, Harvey Wong and 4L Jonathon Au.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

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