5M Hazel Poon On 3rd August 2022, I joined the activity「吾生・悟死」. Through this activity, we explored the meaning of life and death in Catholicism. The activity was separated into two parts. In the first part, we visited a cemetery and casket factory. Learning about the preparation process for death corrected my misconceptions about how we […]

Sharing by 6J Isabella Wong S.6 Prayer Service is more than just a gathering before the release of DSE results. It puts a full stop to our secondary school life. DSE 2022 is an unprecedented challenge. It sprinkled more uncertainty, self-doubt and isolation on the path to the future. In the past few years, we

3L Matthew Cheung On the 6th of August, I joined a gathering about Bible stories organised by the Deanery – Parish Youth Ministry Concern Group. We had an eye-opening experience as participants had opportunities to meet students from different Catholic schools. During the gathering, we had the chance to enjoy team-building games and work on

3L Agnes Ho It is my honour to be a helper in the Closing Prayer Service this year. Doubtless to say, it was a wonderful experience and it meant a lot to me. Many students think that the Closing Prayer Service marks the end of the academic year and the beginning of the summer holidays.

Celebrating our Patron Saints 2L Mennas Ko Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day is observed every year on June 29. It is their Feast Day, a day marked in the Catholic calendar as recognition of two martyrs of the Christian faith. Today, we celebrate their Feast Day with a Mass at Shung Tak as these

This competition is one of the most memorable and interesting activities for us. In this contest, we cooperated with other classmates and presented biblical morals in an intriguing, engaging way. Once on the stage, we were under the spotlight and we got into the characters in the theatre. Readers tried their best in projecting their

Option for the Poor: Grass-roots Workers in The Pandemic 5P Jeffrey Chan The Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs shared at school on June 10 on how grassroots workers survived the epidemic. To share the story and to give deeper meaning to the sharing with our S.5 students, a retired sweeper shared his experiences.

Christmas surely has a very special meaning for Shungtakians in 2021 because there were no Christmas gatherings and prayer services between teachers and students for the last two years in Shung Tak due to the pandemic. Thanks to God, Shungtakians could finally gather at school and celebrate the nativity of Jesus through the Christmas Prayer

By Lucia Book, Emily Fung and Anthony To Have you ever wondered how much Christ suffered when he sacrificed Himself to save us? Some of us in the Catholic Society joined our teachers and the pastoral worker for a Mass and the Official Blessing and Opening of ‘Arma Christi’ at Ss. Peter and Paul Church

Jesus sacrificed his life to save humankind. To respond to His love, we decided to join an activity called Show Love Challenge, which was organised by Diocesan Youth Commission. This twenty-day challenge is worth joining. We completed different tasks every day and expressed love to ourselves, our friends, our family members, the society and God.

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