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Gospel Gathering by DYC

3L Matthew Cheung On the 6th of August, I joined a gathering about Bible stories organised by the Deanery – Parish Youth Ministry Concern Group. We had an eye-opening experience as participants had opportunities to meet students from different Catholic schools.

During the gathering, we had the chance to enjoy team-building games and work on meaningful tasks together. My favourite activity in the gathering was the bible drama, in which each team had to pick a random card to choose what setting and theme the team should include in their drama. Then we worked energetically together to write a creative plot and performed a modern version of the bible story, Parable of The Good Samaritan. The process was rewarding not only because we shared our thoughts about this well-known bible story in a creative way, but also it deepened my understanding of the story.

Due to the pandemic, I had not joined any Catholic gatherings before. I had expected the activity to be boring for me, with just a group of people talking and reading the Bible. However, we performed a drama based on a Bible story, which made the experience more interactive. Also, I became friends with my groupmates, which was also a good chance for us to learn to communicate. This was a meaningful event and I would love to share this experience with other students.

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