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Show Love Challenge

Jesus sacrificed his life to save humankind. To respond to His love, we decided to join an activity called Show Love Challenge, which was organised by Diocesan Youth Commission.

This twenty-day challenge is worth joining. We completed different tasks every day and expressed love to ourselves, our friends, our family members, the society and God. Also, within these twenty days, we participated in the sharing session every Saturday. The experience was pleasant and we gained a lot.

Among all twenty tasks, we have chosen the most memorable ones to share with you. The most meaningful one must be praying for people who are suffering from COVID-19, nurses and doctors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we often feel anxious and worried. We can hardly find peace in life. The organiser provided us an opportunity to pray for those who are sick and the healthcare professionals. Besides sending our blessings, we could also seek peace and comfort through praying.

The most challenging task is to say thanks to our family members. Many teenagers including us seldom say thanks to our family members as we feel embarrassed. Also, we take things for granted. We should be thankful for having family members who always take good care of us. We should express our gratitude and let them know that they are very important to us.

The last task that we would like to mention is challenging yet meaningful. We were asked to take three photos of God’s creation. At first, we thought that we must go out and take pictures in the countryside. We found the task difficult as we could not go out. Then we realized that everything was prepared and arranged by God. We took pictures of delicious food, our smiley faces, plants, clear sky and many more. From these picture, we could see God’s power and His love.

We were also glad to meet students from other Catholic schools through the sharing sessions. We talked about our feelings while doing the tasks. It was a valuable chance for us to gain new insights and we were inspired by the wonderful sharing by different people.

In short, we are thankful for having the opportunity to join this activity. We hope to spread love in the community so that more people will experience God’s love.

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