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Ss. Peter and Paul Feast Day Mass 2022

Celebrating our Patron Saints 2L Mennas Ko

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day is observed every year on June 29. It is their Feast Day, a day marked in the Catholic calendar as recognition of two martyrs of the Christian faith. Today, we celebrate their Feast Day with a Mass at Shung Tak as these two great saints, Peter and Paul, are the patron saints or saints who have been chosen to intercede for Shung Tak with God. The Mass held in the Hall brought together all Shungtakians in celebration. It was a time to put aside the anxiety about the coming exams and come together, connect, and pray together as one big family. I had a part to play in this Mass. I was one of the students chosen to offer one of the Prayers of the Faithful to pray for the governments of the world and the working together to overcome the pandemic. Seeing everyone answering the prayer was a deep and unforgettable experience for me. It was like we were talking to God with one voice. I also felt closer to God as I seem to have fully open my heart and connected to our Lord in heaven. What is also worth mentioning is everyone’s immense contribution to the event. It was a wonderful feeling to behold teachers and students cooperating in the countless number of rehearsals. All came together beautifully and the errors made during the rehearsals taught us huge lessons. It was a time to also marvel at God’s blessings and to see how hard work, unity and faith can bring all things to success. I felt a very deep pride in my heart and I was so proud of doing my part and being a part of the Shungtakian family. Let us always remember that Ss Peter and Paul are our patron saints and to follow their great example. Let us work hard to glorify God with all of our actions and work.

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