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S3 Leadership Training Programme – Day Camp Our S3 leaders, alongside their mentors, joined a 2-day leadership training programme where they were challenged to think on their feet as they dealt with different situations. Soon after their arrival at the Shatin Breakthrough Youth Village on 31st January, they were put to a test of resilience as well as team spirit. The morning activity was indoor climbing. On the verge of giving up, students were reminded to power through negative thinking and reach new heights. In the afternoon, students were asked to find their balance in a rope course. Being meters above the ground, shaky limbs turned out to be inevitable before students could regain composure and finish the task. The team ventured into outdoor cooking and orienteering in Tai Tong the day after. In face of all the problems, all the trials and errors only spiced up the adventurers’ experience, if not empowered them to take on different roles to serve their team.

Singing a Tune – The A cappella Team 6M Jackie Cho It’s been so long since we performed on stage and we were so excited to get this opportunity to do just that for Halloween. On that day, we chose to sing two songs “Nobody Like You” and “La La Latch” since these melodies are captivating and they suit the atmosphere of Halloween. They aren’t easy songs to do but we worked hard to get it right as we juggled our studies with the practices. It was worth the time and we made it happen and in tune. We enjoyed sharing our voices and the audience were also very engaged. A cappella music lives on! The Marching Band Marches On 6L Jovi Lau This is our first performance in this academic year and with the few chances we have had over the years due to the pandemic, you can imagine just how excited we were. The chance came in a show for the public at the carnival, where we were able to spread joy through music. WE did our best to share our passion in music and with the marching band formations, the audience got into the spirit of the music. Good show and great experience!

30th of August marked the first day for our new S1 students to explore the school and interact with their student leaders as a Shungtakian. With their curious eyes and inquisitive minds, the S1 students were very active and lively throughout the activities. They got to know more about the campus and where to roam around in the coming academic year. Besides chatting with our student leaders and senior students, they have met new friends and classmates that might accompany them in their secondary school life, or even years beyond.

In the past few days, our teachers invited us to be the masters of the S1 Orientation Day ceremony and we were much honoured to take the job. Undoubtedly, it was a wonderful experience for us. It was so incredible that we saw the seniors talking on the stage in admiration one year ago, and it was our turn this year.

It was our first time serving as the MCs and it was challenging for us. We were anxious in the beginning, but of course, we tried to overcome the obstacles by keeping improving, practising, and cooperating. Trusting what we had prepared was the only thing we could do. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, we rehearsed and rehearsed for many times to perfect our performance. We were grateful for teachers’ assistance and support which helped us be in good shape. When the day came, we performed to the best of our abilities with no regrets. We were glad that we could do it well. But there are always things that we can improve, and we hope we can get better and better next time.

We were also happy to have the opportunity to be the MCs. The experience we acquired was irreplaceable. Being the MCs as S2 students, it was our pleasure to share some of our experiences with new Shungtakians. Introduction of various aspects of the school, such as the school e-circular system and student activities, was also given by our Principal Dr. Tang, Vice Principal Mr. Ho, Assistant Principal Mr. Kwan, PTA representative and the head teachers of different departments or committees.

The ceremony ended successfully, and it will be etched on our memories forever.

2J Leo Lam & 2J Coco Lam


On 17 AUG 2022, thirteen of our S4 and S5 ICT students have joined the AI Literacy Programme organized by the Hong Kong Education University. The activity gave students the chance to learn the theory and algorithm of Artificial Intelligence through a series of online remote lessons in July and August. Then each group has to brainstorm and think about an application that AI can be used to solve a daily life problem. Students trained in AI through machine learning platform presented their results in mid-August. All participants enjoyed the face to face presentation on that day. They surely have benefited a lot because now they know how AI can help people live a better life!

A Valuable Opportunity Gained from Joining the Japanese Club
On 5th August 2022, three executives of the Japanese Club and I were invited by the OISCA Hong Kong and the Yuen Long Town Hall to attend the Awards Ceremony of an environmental promotional project ‘Green Wave’. We had a wonderful experience as awardees and had opportunities to meet honorable guests including Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong, Ambassador Okada Kenichi and students from different schools.

Two of us were invited to give a speech in Japanese on the stage. We shared our experience of learning about Japanese culture from Wakyokai in the sharing session which was held in June. Since we had never given a speech in Japanese before, we practiced hard on Zoom. Moreover, guests and members of the OISCA Hong Kong and Wakyokai were very friendly. We took lots of photos with them. At last, we were thankful for Mr. C.W. Wong and other executives’ support. We would not have done so well on the stage if we hadn’t received their support.

I hope that our sharing will help Shungtakians gain more interest in Japanese culture. We also encourage students to join the Japanese Club to get more exposure to Japanese culture.

5J Sophia Kwok

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