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S1 Orientation Day1

In the past few days, our teachers invited us to be the masters of the S1 Orientation Day ceremony and we were much honoured to take the job. Undoubtedly, it was a wonderful experience for us. It was so incredible that we saw the seniors talking on the stage in admiration one year ago, and it was our turn this year.

It was our first time serving as the MCs and it was challenging for us. We were anxious in the beginning, but of course, we tried to overcome the obstacles by keeping improving, practising, and cooperating. Trusting what we had prepared was the only thing we could do. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”, we rehearsed and rehearsed for many times to perfect our performance. We were grateful for teachers’ assistance and support which helped us be in good shape. When the day came, we performed to the best of our abilities with no regrets. We were glad that we could do it well. But there are always things that we can improve, and we hope we can get better and better next time.

We were also happy to have the opportunity to be the MCs. The experience we acquired was irreplaceable. Being the MCs as S2 students, it was our pleasure to share some of our experiences with new Shungtakians. Introduction of various aspects of the school, such as the school e-circular system and student activities, was also given by our Principal Dr. Tang, Vice Principal Mr. Ho, Assistant Principal Mr. Kwan, PTA representative and the head teachers of different departments or committees.

The ceremony ended successfully, and it will be etched on our memories forever.

2J Leo Lam & 2J Coco Lam

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