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A Valuable Opportunity Gained from Joining the Japanese Club On 5th August 2022, three executives of the Japanese Club and I were invited by the OISCA Hong Kong and the Yuen Long Town Hall to attend the Awards Ceremony of an environmental promotional project ‘Green Wave’. We had a wonderful experience as awardees and had opportunities to meet honorable guests including Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong, Ambassador Okada Kenichi and students from different schools.

Two of us were invited to give a speech in Japanese on the stage. We shared our experience of learning about Japanese culture from Wakyokai in the sharing session which was held in June. Since we had never given a speech in Japanese before, we practiced hard on Zoom. Moreover, guests and members of the OISCA Hong Kong and Wakyokai were very friendly. We took lots of photos with them. At last, we were thankful for Mr. C.W. Wong and other executives’ support. We would not have done so well on the stage if we hadn’t received their support.

I hope that our sharing will help Shungtakians gain more interest in Japanese culture. We also encourage students to join the Japanese Club to get more exposure to Japanese culture.

5J Sophia Kwok

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