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Yuen Long Carnival

Singing a Tune – The A cappella Team 6M Jackie Cho It’s been so long since we performed on stage and we were so excited to get this opportunity to do just that for Halloween. On that day, we chose to sing two songs “Nobody Like You” and “La La Latch” since these melodies are captivating and they suit the atmosphere of Halloween. They aren’t easy songs to do but we worked hard to get it right as we juggled our studies with the practices. It was worth the time and we made it happen and in tune. We enjoyed sharing our voices and the audience were also very engaged. A cappella music lives on! The Marching Band Marches On 6L Jovi Lau This is our first performance in this academic year and with the few chances we have had over the years due to the pandemic, you can imagine just how excited we were. The chance came in a show for the public at the carnival, where we were able to spread joy through music. WE did our best to share our passion in music and with the marching band formations, the audience got into the spirit of the music. Good show and great experience!

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