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Youth Law Summit 2023

The Youth Law Summit 2023, organized by the Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Trial Association and Hong Kong Shue Yan University, was a great opportunity to learn beyond our classrooms. This four-day programme, consisting of three main components — lectures, tutorials, and mooting, covered topics which included the Hong Kong legal system, criminal law, and evidence law. Tutorials that followed were led by law students who answered our questions and explained concepts that we didn’t understand. They also guided us in analyzing specific topics and provided real-life examples to further our understanding. After engaging in a wide range of law-related activities, we had the opportunity to experience mooting and delve into the work of barristers. We participated in a mock trial involving a case about trafficking dangerous drugs. We learned skills in presenting the cases for both the prosecution and the defense. The Summit offered a fantastic and rewarding opportunity to deepen our knowledge of Hong Kong’s legal system and at the same time, practice our art of refutation.

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