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Visiting St. Jerome s Church

By 2L Michael Cheung To further understand Catholicism, the school gave S2 students a precious opportunity by organising a visit to St. Jerome’s Church. When I first stepped into St. Jerome’s Church, the Cross in the middle of the Church and the glass paintings brought me to a standstill. I was awed by the beauty of all of this. The painting of the Tree of Life was of special interest as I found a seat to appreciate this beautiful church. Looking at the window on the right side of the Church, the first to sixth stained glass paintings were of the Creation of the universe in the Old Testament. God completed the Creation of the universe in six days. In the fifth painting, there was a rainbow in the sky to express the first covenant between God and mankind. God placed the rainbow among the clouds as an everlasting sign of the covenant between Him and the Earth. A staff member of the Church introduced the saint, St Jerome, and the history of the Church. He was very patient and enthusiastic as he would answer our questions with great detail. He also used vivid ways to introduce everything about the Church and St. Jerome so we listened attentively to his introduction. I am thankful to St. Jerome Church for their time and patience to teach us. We learnt that God loves us because He sent His Son, Jesus, to come to this world to atone for our sins. We also know that St. Jerome translated the bible into Latin from Greek. We need to learn from his spirit of perseverance and patience as love is patient, love is kind, and love is to persevere.

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