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Visiting an Animal Shelter

Visiting an Animal Shelter In late May, 16 Shungtakians participated in a volunteer activity at the animal shelter ‘House of Joy and Mercy’. It was a great chance to serve and to be giving back to our community. The activity saw students helping clean the dog kennels and spending some time with the dogs. Despite the hot weather and even no air conditioning, the participants took up the task of cleaning the kennels the best they could. They were later first given time to interact with the animals, the time to bond, something they had to do as the dogs needed special attention as they were strays which were abandoned and even injured. After this, Shungtakians had the opportunity to take the dogs for a walk outdoors. Shungtakians spirit of love and giving stood out and won the admiration of not just our teachers and the social workers but also the founder of the animal shelter. Their dedication to every single task, their positivity and hard work really made a difference.

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