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The Inter-house Cooking Competition

Cooking up a Storm: The Inter-house Cooking Competition

It was another resounding success for us to continue one of Shung Tak’s traditions, the inter-house cooking competition in this academic year on the theme “Happy Cooking.” Each house had to prepare one Chinese main dish and one Western dessert. It was a fun and interesting experience for both students and teachers as the house members worked together as they strived to come up with the best dishes. This activity brought executives of the four houses together to not only spend quality time with other members of the same house but to also impress others with what they came up with as they worked in a team to showcase their individual skills and creativity. Plus, they were able to enjoy the fruits of their labour that everyone helped make! Judges were also very impressed with the happy atmosphere, the teamwork and creativity shown. The activity was indeed ‘Happy Cooking’ come to life. Bring on Cooking 2025! .

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