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Shung Tak after-hours Have you ever wondered what Shung Tak looks like, feels like at night? In a highly anticipated activity organized by the Students’ Union 2022-2023, Hestiuz, students finally had the chance to stay overnight in Shung Tak on 31st March and 1st April. The activity was one of the experiences offered in the past but due to the pandemic, life was not what it was. But now as things return to the norm, the long awaited and anticipated activity was back on. Three games — Escape from Confinement, Treasure in the Dark, and Inception offered fun and thrilling experiences to participants in figuring out clues to escape the room or finding objects in the dark. Students certainly had a blast during the two days. The activity was also a chance for our members to be creative and as they worked together to put the activity together, it was the best way to build team spirit. Let us all work together as one building the experiences of all Shungtakians.

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