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Staff Development Session Workshop for the Art of Tea

The Art of Tea: A Journey into Chinese Culture In the afternoon of June 19, 2023, teachers of Shung Tak gathered in the School Hall for a workshop on the art of tea. Hosted by Tea Together (藝茶薈), an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the traditions of Chinese tea culture, the workshop promised to be an informative and relaxing experience. Ms. Chong Sin Hang Jamie, the instructor of Tea Together, first introduced the history and significance of tea in Chinese culture. She explained that tea had been an integral part of Chinese life for thousands of years, and that the preparation and serving of tea was considered an art form in its own right. Through her engaging presentation, teachers gained a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of tea. Next, Ms. Chong and her team demonstrated proper techniques for brewing tea. She showed the participants how to select the right tea leaves, measure them, and steep them in hot water. She also explained the importance of water temperature and brewing time in achieving the perfect cup of tea. After the demonstration, teachers had the opportunity to try brewing tea. Under Ms. Chong and other tutors’ guidance, teachers carefully lifted the plate of tea leaves, placed them in the cup and poured the hot water over them. As they waited for the tea to steep, Ms. Chong taught them about the proper etiquette for serving and enjoying tea. She explained the importance of using the right teaware, and how to hold and sip the tea in a respectful and appreciative manner. As the participants sipped their tea and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, they discussed the various flavors and aromas of the different teas they had tried. They also exchanged stories and insights about Chinese culture, creating a sense of community and connection among the group. In conclusion, the workshop on the art of tea was a wonderful experience for all involved. The participants gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, and had the opportunity to try their hand at a time-honored art form. By the end of the workshop, they had not only learned about tea, but had also formed new connections and friendships. The workshop was a testament to the power of tea to bring people together and to help us appreciate the beauty and richness of the world around us.

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