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By 2P Edith Hui Before the Feast Day Mass, our pastoral helper, Mr. Mak, asked me if I could help out as an altar server. There was some hesitation as I had not been a server for some time and was afraid that I would have forgotten some of the important steps. But then, I recalled what the tutor of Sunday School told me – do not be afraid of making mistakes because the most important thing is having a serving heart. I then decided it was my duty to serve. Things did not go as expected. When we, altar servers, were having the rehearsal, we faced some challenges such as not knowing how to pass the microphone to Father, not knowing what others would do next, etc. However, after discussions with one another, we solved most of the problems. Things did not go perfectly and there is room to improve but on the whole, we found the experience memorable as we all worked together to serve God. The experience has certainly developed my resilience as I learned not to give up easily in spite of difficulties. For more photos, please click here.

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