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Socia Service in Long Ping Estate MoonCake Giveway

Spending time with the Elderly at Mid-Autumn Andree Lee (5P) It was 10th September, Mid-Autumn Festival when our SU, Permeance; the Social Service Society; and the Catholic Society and other Shungtakians went to Long Ping Estate to visit the elderly with helpers from the Caritas Center and from Yuen Long Ss. Peter and Paul Church. Our visit was with the aim to bring some wishes of the Mid-Autumn. We took some moon cakes and other groceries for them. My group visited three flats and for all of them, there was only one person living there, an old lady. Each of them had different reasons for being alone but we are very touched how they made us comfortable to be with them and to share with them. We forgot to be shy and scared. As it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, a day when family members gather together, we were glad we visited them, so that they can have someone to share with and we hoped that we could bring them lovely memories. We can see that the elderly really need love and care and it is sad that they are all alone on this special occasion. I am glad we were able to do a small part. Remember to take the time to offer any elderly you meet a smile. It can mean the world to them. I would remind myself too that I must help the elderly I know with all of my heart. I wish now the best for the ladies our group met that day

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