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Smile Say Bye to COVID Mask Design Competition

Recently, 5L Abbie Mak won the champion in ‘Smile! Say Bye to COVID’ Mask Design Competition! The competition is organized by Hong Kong Thoracic Society and Chest Delegation (Hong Kong and Macau), and the champion’s design would be made into actual masks for the charity bazaar. Her design stood out from the other 1200 pieces and was chosen by the judging panel including Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Dr. Lo Chung-mau, and Dr. Hui Shu-cheong. Abbie’s awarded design emphasizes happiness throughout the adversities of COVID. The symbols on the mask design, including lungs, virus, and washing hand icons remind us of the reason why we were wearing masks. The high-saturated colours of the rainbow express the hope for the epidemic to be driven away, and for everything to recover. The symbolic icon of smiling in the center points out the importance of joy even though we are facing difficulties. Congratulations Abbie!

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