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Serradura Pudding Making

The fun began for 9 members with a cooking task of making serradura pudding, also known as one of the easiest sawdust pudding and one of the easiest Portuguese desserts to make. This cookery workshop was held on 21st March. Participants started by getting the base ready for the pudding by grinding up the biscuits. Later on, they moved onto whisking the cream and then working in all the other ingredients layer by layer. Each participant made one to two cup(s) of delicious the pudding that was so mouth-watering that a few ate their pudding on the spot. Yummy and super delicious!!! For those of you wanting to give it a go and impress your family, here is the recipe below: Marie / Oreo biscuits 300g Whipping cream 500mL Evaporated milk 50g

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