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S6 Thanksgiving Prayer Service

Time flies. The 14th February was our last school day in Shung Tak and to mark the occasion before we headed off for study leave, we, the S6 students gathered together for the Thanksgiving Service in the school Hall.

The Service offered us an opportunity to reflect on days past, from the time we entered as a S.1 student to where we are today, a S.6 student. We reminisced on the unforgettable moments we had, all the funny things that we encountered and the difficulties we faced. It was a journey with lots of joys but of course with challenges and tears too. These memories will be part of us and stay in our hearts forever.

We also got the opportunity to thank our teachers who walked this secondary school journey with us. We are grateful that we have had teachers in Shung Tak who cared for us, giving us more knowledge and helping us to become better people. These lessons will also stay with us forever.

As we were rewinding and sharing the memories we have created, lots of tears came flooding in. We have created wonderful memories but soon we would not be on the same learning path. We know that we must move on and all memories will be with us. We also know that the friendships we have formed will forever be.

Shung Tak has prepared us well for the challenges ahead so we can move forward boldly to the next stage of our lives.

By 6J Cyrus Lo

For more photos, please click on the link: Google Drive

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