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S5 OLE When Religion Meets Science

By 5L Haley Kwok

On the 2nd of February, Dr. Agnes Chan, a scientist working at the University of Hong Kong and a devoted Catholic, was the guest speaker for our OLE session. Her identity and work are unique to us because religion and science are often seen as contradictory and incompatible. However, through her sharing about the nature of her work, we learned more about the relationship between science and religion.

Sometimes we may think that science keeps telling us that God does not exist. Yet, Ms. Chan shared with us that science proves that ‘stories’ in the Bible are true. In the Bible, God creates humans by using dust from the ground. Some scientific experiments have discovered elements, such as carbon and nitrogen, in the human body that can also be found in dust. This shows us that dust was used to create humans.

There was also food for thought. We were given some concepts to explore the limitations of science. Questions such as how life exists and begins, how the brain works, and where moral principles come from remain unanswered. Life is in fact a complicated yet well-coordinated science. I do believe that life is a miracle, and it is almost impossible for humans to appear in the world unless it is in God’s plan.

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