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Michael The ERE Quiz on 10th February during our OLE time was held with guest speaker Lui Po. She kept us all engaged with her sharing and the games which were about the Roman Catholic religion and our beliefs. We opened the activity with a Prayer and then each class sent 2 representatives to answer the questions. I was one of the representatives for my class. Of course, I was a little worried but with parts where we could get input from classmates, my worries soon lessened. In the OLE time, the most unforgettable part is guessing who or what it was in filtered photos. But with this part being the ‘cooperation bit’, we were still able to answer many of the questions correctly. Learning more about my religion and that of our school through games was a fun way to check what we know and to learn more. Lui Po, also taught us that we need to do small things with love! Although offering our seat to others, for example, might be a very little thing, it could make a lot of a difference and most importantly people can feel our warmth. This is of course the right thing to do especially for us young people. Danny When I was pushed to represent my class, a kind of fear came up in my mind. Imagining the scene of losing the game, I sat nervously on the chair. However, during the activity, I can only feel a kind of warmth and that fear left. One thing for sure is that I have learned a lot more in the competition. Taking part in this quiz with one of my best friends, Michael, was also a great experience for friends to work together. In fact, in the whole activity, I can also feel the love among all the students and teachers. I would remember the importance of small actions and what it means to our Father, the Lord Jesus.

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