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S2 OLE Bible Competition

A Meaningful Lesson from the Bible

by 2J Yubi Tam

The yearly Bible Competition, organized by the Catholic Society, was held for all S.2 students on 10th May. The competition was comprised of three rounds and brought a lot of loud cheers from the crowd. For the first round, it was to find the specific verse from the Bible as fast as we could – a challenge for sure. In the second round, questions were about Catholic teachings. Last but not least, was the action round with charades where we needed to work out Catholic terms based on the actions of our team members. The competition was thrilling and exciting as it was based so much on speed, especially when we were asked to raise our hand on the count of three. You can also imagine the final round where the hilarious actions and facial expressions of the two representatives filled the room with laughter and joy. It was fun all around. Fun and learning more about Jesus Christ, our Lord, were our aims. We had a goal to remind students of the pain Christ suffered to wash away the sins of human beings so that we understand how important it is for us to choose doing what is right and to help people in our community. Let’s continue to worship our Lord, the one and only God.

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