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S1 Orientation Day

S1 Orientation Day 2J Aiden & 2L Jasmine We were honoured to serve as the emcees of the S1 Orientation Day. It was truly an unforgettable experience, one we trained for since last year when we listened to older Shungtakians talk about STC. Our turn came at last. Being an emcee isn’t easy since we had to deal with unpredictable incidents. And sure enough things didn’t go as we had planned. Fortunately, we remained calm and adapted on the spot. It was not too bad as I would say we had a good partnership which improved with time. The event began with a welcome speech delivered by our Principal, Dr. Tang. Next, our Vice Principal, Mr. Kwan, and Ms. SM Wong introduced the history of our school and academics at the school. Other key head teachers of different committees and the chairperson of the PTA also presented information to help our S.1 students and parents know more about STC and to help them to adapt to STC. Being emcees was certainly an unforgettable experience for us! There was a lot to learn about speaking on stage, teamwork and dealing with unforeseen situations.

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