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S1 OLE The Door into the Sheepfold

by Plum Lai (1L)

In the OLE period on 15th December, two guest speakers from the Diocesan Youth Commission organized interactive games for Shungtakians. I found the talk interesting and I learned a lot more about Catholicism. Firstly, the guest speaker taught us about the Catholic faith, focusing on two important role models in the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Then we moved to the quiz session. Each class needed to send two students to participate in the Quiz Buzzer session. There were three levels: ‘Multiple-choice quiz’, ‘Picture Riddles,’ and ‘Guess the Mystery Sound.’

The questions tested our knowledge of the Catholic Church, the saints, the pope, and many other aspects of Catholicism. Everyone was enthusiastic in answering the questions, and the classmates were very excited about the game. After a few rounds, the OLE period came to an end. All S1 students had a wonderful and fruitful learning session about the religion of the school. After this OLE period, everyone gained a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. Personally, I found this OLE period meaningful because as a Catholic, I had the chance to learn more about my religion. The best part is that my classmates enjoyed the activity as well and I am glad that we can all share my faith and the faith of our school.

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