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S.5 Volunteer Training

On a joyful sunny Friday afternoon, our class 5P, headed out for voluntary work.

We visited the elderly who live in Pak U Memorial Social Centre for the Elderly in Hung Fuk Estate. It was a very memorable and meaningful experience for all of us. It was a challenge at first since many of us did not spend enough time with our elders. We had to work through what games were best for them to play and even what to talk about with them. But all the worries were in vain as the training session with the social worker taught us a lot about how to get along with elders. She reminded us of lots of key points that we must be aware of. I’m glad that we got a helping hand from her as she has made an indispensable contribution to our service!

On the day to Pak U Memorial Social Centre, I still found it a bit nerve-wracking although I had numerous experiences of being a MC in the school Leadership Programme. I did in the end make good use of these techniques to be an energetic MC to spice up the activities. I could also see my partners got butterflies in their stomach and I was able to lead and guide them with a few words of encouragement — “Just take it easy and be yourself!” The visit was a success as we were able to cooperate well and could entertain the elderly. This was definitely a fruitful challenge to me as not only did I further develop my leadership skills, but I also learnt new techniques on how to get along with the elders. Most of them were very friendly and they even held the hands of my classmates, which was very heart-warming.

That gave us additional courage. This experience was a great lesson for all of us. It took us out of our comfort zone, and we accomplished this voluntary service as a class, that of the class of 5P. We had a great time with the elderly, and we also challenged ourselves. Service learning really helps us to learn civic responsibility, empathy, service, and trustworthiness as we work with our team members to give service.

‘Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.’ Matthew 20:28

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