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Rosary Gathering (Prayers to Mary Help of Christians)

2M Harvey: I’ve been participating in different events at the school throughout the year, and the Rosary Gathering was one of them. This Rosary Gathering has become the most unforgettable and meaningful experience for me.

In the gathering, I listened to lots of stories about our saints shared by our E&RE teachers. Apart from what we have studied in E&RE classes, I also got to know the religious figures we should admire and learn from!

Moreover, we prayed the rosary to God through Mother Mary to obtain forgiveness, not only for ourselves, but also for the souls in purgatory. During the prayer, I’ve found a closer relationship with God, and my faith has been strengthened when we prayed for strength to find hope and comfort.

The Rosary Gathering has always been a meaningful event, and I’m sure that you’ll be inspired by joining it. It would be a pleasure to have you join us for future Rosary Gatherings. See you soon!

2M Jacky: On Tuesday, 24th May, I joined the Rosary Gathering. This is a great experience in Catholicism for me.

While I was praying, I felt like I was helping Jesus bear his pain as our prayer was the Sorrowful Mysteries in one of the Rosary meditations. I am still grateful that I could bear his pain through praying. How can we bear his pain through praying? The answer is through our mind. If your mind keeps believing that you are helping Jesus, then you are.

I hope you can experience this connection with Jesus. See you at the next Catholic event!

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