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Rosary Gathering (Prayer for Ukraine and World Peace)

As we have seen in the media that Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, many civilians were wounded, killed and forced to flee from their homes. It is a devastating time for the people in Ukraine and we feel sorrow over this war. War divides us and it brings irreversible damages to our society and humanity, and at the end it would only lead us away from God. The Catholic Church invited everyone to pray for Ukraine and Russia, because Holy Mary told us that the Rosary is a powerful weapon to stop the war and we must not offend God by starting wars. Despite the suspension of face-to-face classes, teachers and students have therefore gathered on zoom and prayed the Rosary for world peace, especially for Ukraine and Russia on the 3rd of March. We have also learned about one of the Marian Apparitions and some messages about war from Our Lady.

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