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Retreating Tides History of Wan Chai

The S5 History class was very fortunate to take part in the Wan Chai Coastline Tour organized by the Hong Kong House of Stories on 17th March, 2023. The guided tour lasted around 2 hours, with the Stone Nullah Lane as the starting point and Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong as the destination. Stop points included Queen’s Road East, Spring Garden Lane, Amoy Street, Swatow Street, Hung Shing Temple, Fenwick Street and Lockhart Road. During the journey, the guide would provide detailed information regarding the location’s background and history. For instance, it was explained that the Hung Shing Temple originally faced the sea, its levelled and fenced entrance was built to prevent water from flooding the interior. Even after land reclamation began and the temple was no longer near the coast, this feature remained and was conserved as heritage. In addition, photographs of past scenery and maps were provided for easier understanding. In short, the tour was the perfect experience for learning about the changes of Wan Chai throughout the years. It also reflected the rapid development of Hong Kong, transforming from a small fishing village to one of the most bustling commercial areas. On the other hand, countless buildings were protected and now coexist with modern infrastructure, making Wan Chai a community rich in history and modernity.

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