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5P Ebbie Kan On 4th October 2022, 45 Music Club members and students joined the RESTPIRATION 2022 Concert organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group in Macpherson Stadium. RESTPIRATION 2022 Concert which integrates Music with the Performing Arts is a medium to promote Rest, Respiration and Inspiration to youths. It uses unique ideas to encourage young people to develop a positive and healthy lifestyle; and to develop positive thinking so as to cultivate a healthy attitude towards life. RESTPIRATION 2022 brought together artists, pop singers and groups. It was a combination of young performers like JW, ToNick, Panther Chan, Wilson Lam, and Lolly Talk to stream diversified performances such as line music, contemporary dance, sand painting, brass ensemble and harmonica ensemble. The concert was a wonderful eye-opening experience for teachers and students alike as every single performance was different, original and impressive. Bring on the music for our rest, to help us breathe, and to bring us inspiration.

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