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Portrait Painting Workshop

During the Christmas holiday, we joined a portrait drawing workshop for a chance to learn and practice portrait illustrations. It was a pure pleasure to have Man Tsang, a local artist famous for his portrait drawings and ink paintings, as our tutor for three days. In this workshop, we tried portrait drawing in monochromatic tones and full color, learning the techniques in progressive stages. The tutor provided several tips about human proportions and paint maintenance, which we found super useful! By analyzing lighting and shading, experimenting with color usage, we were able to polish our skills and develop personal styles at the same time. We also took the time to appreciate our peers’ paintings and learn from others’ work.

After receiving genuine and constructive feedback, we were able to reflect and discover ways to improve our own drawings. Even though the time was a bit rushed, all of us put a lot of effort into the illustrations and had great lessons. We believe that we can make good use of the techniques we learned from this workshop and showcase our improvements in future art creations!

6L Angel Pun

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