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Operation Santa Claus 2022

Sending Our Message of Love, One Charity at a Time!

As the curtains rose for the year’s winter, Operation Santa Claus followed along in quick steps. On 16 December, enveloped by the love of students, parents, teachers, and staff, the 28th rendition of STC’s annual support for OSC started with a bang. With everyone pouring their hearts and souls into the event, we were able to raise a new STC record of HK$73,888. Same as every OSC prior, Operation Santa Claus@STC collects money donated through many different sources and focuses on one charity . This year, our OSC Committee decided to highlight the works of Pathways Foundation, an organisation that helps dyslexic children by providing professional help and evidence-based intervention programmes. The development of dyslexic children and providing necessary and appropriate help is Pathways’ top priority. This year, the holiday cheer kicked in with students flooding the school with joy on their faces. Students were allowed to dress casually and wear an OSC sticker with a $10 donation and an OSC pin with a $20 donation. But one of the highlights of this activity would see teachers dressing up as Christmas trees, the result of this year’s pay-to-vote booth. Some teachers wore simple decorations on their clothing, while some went all out and had lights draped across their clothes flashing and sparkling as they walked along the corridors. Certainly not a metaphor when we say, ‘lighting up the room’. As the lunch bell rang, students rushed out of their classrooms. Heading down to their respective stalls and trying to beat the inevitable lines, the liveliness of the covered playground increased significantly. Although the rain from the day before had dashed any plans of holding the festivities on the open playground, we all still found enough space to enjoy ourselves in the covered playground and hall. The school was filled to the brim with holiday cheer and laughter and students enjoying some delicious and warm food and playing addictively fun games. Many of the senior classes and the PTA worked tirelessly to offer treats ranging from filling Takoyaki to cakes and marshmallows for dessert . Students could be seen happily gulping down fresh cups of fruit punch or warm bottles of boba tea. With all the cheer and joy, barely anyone noticed the drizzling rain as they enjoyed the atmosphere of the stalls. Shung Tak has once again endeavoured to give back with kindness and love . Thank you all for your participation in this year’s Operation Santa Claus, for the willingness to share with others in need, and letting the spirit of Christmas thrive in Shung Tak.

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